University of Pennsylvania

Master of City Planning, Concentrations in Urban Design

Beijing Forestry University

Bachelor of Agriculture, Concentration in Landscape Gardening


Economic Development Techniques, University of Pennsylvania

TA Intern

  • Assisted the instructor in developing and grading R-based assignments, which focused on analyzing the urban population and economy
China Northwest Architecture Design and Research Institute

Planning Intern

  • Addressing the functional requirements of the village, a design integrating local plants was implemented for the public plaza and landscaping using CAD and Photoshop.
  • Developed a land use plan in compliance with national spatial planning standards. By analyzing site area data using GIS, improvement proposals were formulated to meet the requirements set by the town government.


Planning & Design | Urban Renewal
  • Collaborated with urban design program students to explore the issues and challenges related to the I-676/Vine Street Expressway from the Delaware to the Schuylkill Rivers in Philadelphia. Developed feasible proposals for designing a Green Corridor.
  • Individually, designed the Museum South community, aiming to transform it into a node within the Green Corridor on the western side, seamlessly connecting the Philadelphia Museums South area.
Planning & Design | Environmental Resilience Planning
  • Collaborated with students from diverse academic backgrounds to collectively analyze St. Croix and develop a resilience plan addressing its environmental, social, and economic aspects. The plan aimed to ensure the prosperity of the island and its people.
  • Conducted population and economic analysis using R and performed spatial and environmental data analysis using GIS for St. Croix.
  • Deepened the environmental resilience planning by advocating interventions at five specific locations within Golden Rock gut. The strategies devised in this plan can be applied to future gut interventions across St. Croix.
Planning & Design | Community Development Planning
  • Collaborated with students from diverse academic backgrounds, conducted research, and developed a targeted plan for a specific community in the southern region of Fairmount Park. The plan was a revitalization-focused plan that paid attention to the African American community.
  • Individually designed a comprehensive corridor plan centered around pedestrian traffic systems, creating a safe and pedestrian-friendly community environment.
Programming & Design | Smart City
  • Developing Philadelphia Smart Parking, a street parking visualization device developed based on Arduino. The project aims to enhance city traffic safety and efficiency while reducing pollution caused by vehicle cruising.
Data Analysis | Regional Office Trends Analysis
  • Completed a feasibility study on converting office spaces in Dallas to residential units, analyzing the population and industries in Dallas using R. Provided constructive recommendations for the development of downtown Dallas.
Data Analysis | Urban Data Statistical Analysis
  • Utilized statistical regression analysis and R programming to predict median home values in Philadelphia, and examined the impact of alcohol consumption on traffic accidents.
Modeling Analysis | Land Use and Environment Modeling
  • Developed a fishnet model in GIS to analyze flood risk in Calgary. Utilized R to test and train the model, and applied the calibrated model to predict flood-prone areas in Denver.
  • By analyzing the extent of regional development, use GIS and R studio to predict the impact of new urban planning on the spatial distribution of the city resources.
Development | Real Estate Design and Development
  • Conducted a feasibility study on the redevelopment of The Mason on Chestnut, a historic building in Philadelphia. Evaluated income valuation and calculated the return on investment for different developer scenarios from a developer's perspective.
  • Conducted a case study of Evo at Cira Centre South in Philadelphia through interviews to offer market and management suggestions for project operations.


Planning & design
  • GIS and design software, e.g., AutoCAD, SketchUp, Rhino, Grasshopper, Adobe Creative Suite
  • Analytics with R, SQL, & Excel
  • Data visualization, interpretation, & reporting with ArcGIS & R Markdown.
Real Estate
  • Conduct market research, perform financial analysis, & budgeting
  • Making graphically attractive story-telling infographics